What ho! Bertie, its the Upper Crust. Polite society's old money. After losing the family estate on that damn horse Binkie told us about in the Derby we've had to dust off the ol' Brownie and get a job like the lot 'below stairs'. Authentic period dress from tails to tweeds, plus fours to 12 bores, we'll 'shoot' the bally lot of them. Nothing is 'out of the Q, dear boy'. With accents that can only come from generations of public school beatings and chivalry to boot we will give your guests a touch of the old Wodehouse, whether your want to 'posh it up a bit', dress for dinner in 'white tie' or go 'on the shoot'.
Now I'll just get my man to bring the car around, Toodle pip!

All the glamour and glitz of the golden age of Hollywood. we'll make your guests feel like one of the movie legends, giving the full red carpet treatment and 'authentic' American paparazzi accents. Classically dressed in beige mackintosh, pinstripe and fedora we'll be there to catch the scoop and get the picture for the morning news. We need to keep our editors happy so after the red carpet we'll get past the gorilla in the monkey suit into the party to capture more moments of your guests. Our team of reporters, armed with the latest photographic equipment will make sure your guests have 'a night to remember' without you tearing your hair out going 'psycho' and 'when all is said and done' we'll be 'gone with the wind'

"Gizza smile darlin!"
Ah, the wonderful sound of the lesser spotted tabloid reporter, dressed in the winter plumage of anorak, jeans and flat cap, these cheeky chappies will meet and great your guests with all the finesse of the red tops finest. Always looking for an exclusive, they interact with guests and will often be seen jumping in for a photograph of themselves with the celebs. Watch out for the headlines the next day as all the pictures will be available (within 48hrs) on the website.

'MAN EATS FISH' 'was heard saying it was a lovely main course'. Oi! Oi!

Chocks away it's Roger and Wilco, proudly wearing the wings of the RAF Advance Photo-reconnaissance Squadron and bringing a touch of stalwart Britishness to an aerodrome near you. Chest out, shoulders back there's a good fellow and always on the lookout for a pretty little thing to take up for a few wing-overs. Our authentic 1940's aviators will keep you roaring for more. So whether you're rocking like a hurricane or it's aces high in a spitfire, it's victory rolls all the way.

Squadron scramble!


Fancy something different? we have also provided the Event Paparazzi experience as...
Cowboy, Clowns, Roman Centurions, Greek Adonis's, Spacemen, Hawaiian Surfers and many more. Want to give us a challenge, then give us a call.


In addition to our themed offerings we have available a team of photographers to cover events. Still offering the great service you have come to expect over the years, we can supply a package to include edited images of everything from corporate events, sports or team building exercises, seminars and gala evenings, to weddings and private parties. Using the latest equipment we offer a professional standard of service working closely with the client to capture exactly what is required. After event services include album collation and printing, print sales and digital products as required.

Event Paparazzi, we've got it covered.


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